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Other Photographic, Digital & Web Services

Custom Image Sonoma is currently closed.

We offer many other photography related services such as photographic & fine art printing, photo restoration & reproduction, digital retouching, scanning, videography, and website design & development.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you very much! Your work for our community captures all the beauty this town and its people behold." – Robin

"I can’t wait to pay you for this. You are a wicked talent and very skilled at everything you apply yourself to. Absolutely love it Chris. Thank-you." – Kahlil Karn

"I’ve a great respect for Chris and his artistic skills, and have a special appreciation for his very important work in producing a working copy for Amazon for the book "The Illustrated Frankenstein" for which I painted 27 acrylics, each measuring 18×24. I entrusted Chris with the storage and care of the original paintings for the days required to photograph each one, placing them into a PDF file in which he had to follow complex publishers instructions. In a timely manner and within the fee quoted, the results were perfect, colors, tone, and clarity of image were as the original paintings. I found him to be professional and thoughtful, a man of integrity. He was highly recommended to me by the owner of a similar Sonoma business who knew Chris operated the necessary equipment my work required. Both the author, Jennifer Anderson, and I found Chris compatible with polite attention to our project." – Barbara Harris Anderson